Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What silence said by Susheela Raman

Paris café. our last rendez-vous ./rainswept, backwardscripted windows/our shrunken heads reading signs and lips
one last dance . broken steps / before your eclipse

was there thunder in your ears?/ mine were full of sand, not hearing/
what your silence said/ and if I turn around, your mouth open/
no sound. your eyes screaming/ retreating into blackness

a day too late, your news found me at home./
mind bubbling up/ angry water refusing a stone/
and then revenge/ I felt life surge in my veins/
a hunger you would never taste again

did you lose your faith in love?/
did you lose faith in human feeling?/
silence./ did you lose your trust in truth?/
did your heart find no way to healing / like I lost you?

you left your lovers close behind/
all twisted up in time, you crossed the line./
it's all we have this thin twine./ then nothing/
just the emptiness you carved / your spine a lonely blade
in space/ to the end a dancer/ beautiful face begins to fade/
thanks you for being my friend/ beautiful face begins to fade

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