Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Art Heroes

Robert Doisneau 1950 : Kiss by the Hotel de Ville

"We kissed and saw nothing before." The photographic flaneur walking alone through the city is gripped  between the cold and the rain to capture a couple in an intimate embrace defining the end of  historical narrative. At once romantic and enchanting the lovers make time and convention stand still for a moment breaking the spell of the mere voyeur. Here spectacle becomes the depth of speech, beyond the mundane trappings of art as statement, art as pose, art for arts sake.

Yesterday I was confronted with  a random set of artistic endeavours, works and thoughts in my rather oblique discovery of internet art . I was inextricably led to this photograph and Heroes by David Bowie not in any musical sense but within visual elements as if  the most important artistic discovery of the day was that something was missing from Art. Perplexed, I mulled over the sense of not feeling that Art was doing quite what it should do; to undermine the convention of the mundane, breaking the tools of creative oppression. And yet the Art was provocative , enriching and thought provoking.

This morning I searched out this photograph and embraced the visual importance of Heroes, that art can transcend all history, steer history into a more human discourse, reinterpret the boundaries of art away from the political and into the ordinary cultural sphere of everyday humanity challenging the history and definition of human as artist.

The modern artist has come to embody the documenters of history until the artist becomes confined as a mere categorisation of an episode in history. Art and artists are more than that, they can speak the immortal, break the perception of time and enlighten the forgotten imagination divorced from the weight of history where the artist is more magician than nuanced historian. On that note here is Mr Bowie as artist...............

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